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Marine Construction Management and Maritime Consulting

Industrial Marine Services, Inc. (IMSI) specializes in marine construction management, maintenance and repair of docks, piers, bulkheads, seawall, marinas and fender systems.  We are experts at hydraulic dredging -- hydraulic agitation dredging, I-beam drag dredging, clamshell dredging -- and hydrographic surveying with over 40 years' experience.  We also can assist in USACOE and State permitting for any marine projects. 

In addition, IMSI provides  surveyor,  metal fabrication, port dredging, push boat, marine and ship salvage services including the following:

  • USACOE / DNR Consultation and Permitting
  • Marine Construction | Concrete Contractors
    • Pile driving, pile foundation, dock piling and steel sheet marine piling
    • Wood dock, steel dock, and concrete dock construction
    • Seawall and retaining wall construction
    • Bulkheads
      • Bulkhead Design
      • Marine bulkhead building / bulkhead construction
      • Steel Bulkhead
    • Ocean and Beach Shore / Erosion Protection
    • Boat  Cradles / Yacht Cradles
    • Metal fabrication / Welding / Metal Erection
  • Berth / Dock Maintenance
    • Hydrographic surveyorsing
      • Pilot Surveys
      • Before and After Berth and Channel Surveys for Dredging
    • Agitation Dredging
      • Clam shell Dredging
      • I-beam Dredging
      • Hydraulic Agitation Dredging
    • Dock Fenders Maintenance
    • Dock Service, Parts and Repairs
  • Ship and Marine Salvage and Recovery
    • Demolition Contractor
  • Push Boat and Inland Escort Services
  • Marine Equipment Rental