Marine construction company - Industrial Marine Services, Inc., Savannah, Georgia USA

About Us: Industrial Marine Services, Inc.

Marine Contractors and Marine Construction Company in the Southeast Region of the East Coast

A maritime services contractor based in Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Marine Services, Inc. (IMSI) is a full service marine construction and service based company in Savannah Georgia.  We assist the southeast region's maritime clients with economical, timely, and dependable solutions to meet marine maintenance and construction needs.  As a marine contractor we deliver to our customers over 40 years' knowledge and experience in designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating marine facilities throughout the Southeast region. As a marine surveyor and cargo testing laboratory, we protect our customer's interest to insure the highest levels of quality and consistency using standardized survey and testing methods recognized globally.

Our marine yard and testing facilities are strategically located in Savannah, Georgia, on the Savannah River Mile 14.  As a south east local contractor, Industrial Marine Services, Inc. (IMSI) is ready to serve you with coastal region marine construction services and marine equipment rental 24 hours daily, 7 days per week.  Our East Coast marine operations extend from South Carolina through Georgia and into North Florida.  As fully licensed and insured marine contractors we work to the highest standards of quality, safety and timely performance. 

We are ready to work for you.  Please contact us for a free estimate for marine construction and maintenance services, ship surveying and cargo testing services.